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S&S, Compression Release Kit For S&S T-Style Heads for 99-17 Style T S&S Heads (Twin Cam Style)

by S&S
SKU MCS915195


S&S, compression release kit for S&S T-style heads


Electrically operated. Large displacement / high compression Twin Cam motors with S&S cylinder heads can sometimes be troublesome to start. These electrical operated compression release valves are opened by two separate solenoids, when the starterbutton is activated. When starter button is released the release valves close. Note 1: Will only work with S&S Twin Cam style heads. OEM heads will not have enough material in critical areas to allow machining. Note 2: All 89cc S&S TC cylinder heads are machined at the S&S factory. Machining on the 79cc S&S TC heads is optional. Note 3: Will only work with S&S style rocker covers 'with the central hole' which provides the necessary clearance for the solenoids. Note 4: For replacement parts see 531408 (compression release assembly), 531407 (wiring harness) and 531422 (silicone solenoid caps).

99-17 style T S&S heads (Twin Cam style)