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S&S, 4 1/8" Bore 124" Long Block TC Engine Black/Chrome for 07-16 Touring

SKU MCS588907


S&S, 4 1/8" bore 124" long block TC engine black/chrome


Black/chrome. Black. High Compression engine. Engine comes with 10.8:1 CR flat top forged pistons and 640GP easy-start cams. If you prefer all out high RPM horsepower numbers, this high compression engine is the one. Engine is sold as 'Long Block', meaning these are engines without any intake components or ignition. Any high performance intake system, that will fit a stock engine, will fit the S&S 124" since S&S specially machined the heads to compensate for cylinder length. Stock compatible air cleaners and breathers wil also fit. Note: Sold as 'Long Block' engine. Carburetor / throttle housing, manifold, ignition and charging system is not included. Note: A large throttle housing and high performance ECU is required for best performance. Carbureted engines will require a ignition system with adjustable advance curves and large carburetor, as the S&S Super G or similar. Note: 07-16 Touring requires 536541 oil line installation kit. Note: Charging system requires an early style (MCS 591077) sprocket shaft spacer of 1.750" OD x 1.255" ID x 1.095" thick.

07-16 Touring