Progressive Suspension 412 Series Shocks. Part # DS310057 -

Progressive Suspension 412 Series Shocks #412-4024B

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Manufactured from the finest materials available
  • Designed specifically for Harley models
  • The 412's simple, durable design makes them a cost effective improvement to your motorcycle's suspension performance
  • A five position cam style spring load preload adjuster lets you easily dial in your ride
  • Available with either a standard or heavy duty progressive spring rates
  • There are multiple style options available, like full show chrome or black covers; or either chrome or black springs and end caps
  • Sold in pairs
  • Some or all shocks listed have TüV approval. Refer to most recent TüV certificate for current listing
  • All shocks are measured centre-of-eyelet to centre-of-eyelet.
  • CHR denotes chrome shock part numbers; BLK denotes black shock part numbers.
  • When installing shocks on 1986-2015 XL models, it may be necessary to modify or space the chain/belt guard to allow proper clearance.
  • A shock which is slightly longer than stock may alter the head angle slightly and provide somewhat quicker steering.
  • A shock which is slightly shorter than stock may alter the head angle slightly and provide somewhat slower steering.
  • For OEM shock lengths, see Quick Reference Guide in the back of the catalogue.
  • Heavy Duty Applications are recommended for bikes that are operated at or near the manufacturer's maximum load rating over 50% of the time.
  • Before purchasing or attempting to install shocks that are different than the OEM length, confirm that your wheel travel can be altered without causing clearance issues, such as swingarm/axle to exhaust contact as well as chain/belt guard or tire contact.

  • Progressive Spring Rate : 1
    60 kg/mm - 2
    30 kg/mm (90
    00 lb/in - 130
    00 lb/in)
    Type : Coilover Monotube
    Extended Length : 362
    00 mm (14
    Colour/Finish : Black
    Product Name : Shock Absorber
    Damping Method : Gas Charged
    Adjustment Style : Automatic
    Duty : Standard
    Units : Pair
    Model : 412 Series without Covers
    Material : Steel
    Spring Type : Single Progressive Rate
    Base Colour : Black
    Reservoir Location : Internal
    Base Finish : Gloss
    Mounting Position : Rear