Profi Fuel Max Fuel System Cleaner

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Profi Fuel Max Fuel System Cleaner

In 1997 Profi Products has developed a special carburettor and fuel injection system cleaner for motorcycles and other 2-wheelers – PROFI FUEL MAX.

Longer storage periods are most frequently the reason for deposits, oxidation and corrosion in carbs and fuel injection systems.

The consequences are irregular motor function and starting problems. Correct adjustment and synchronization become impossible …until you use PROFI FUEL MAX.

It cleans the complete fuel system rapidly and without having to take the machine apart. In almost any case the problem is solved within the first 10-15 km.

One 270ml-can lasts for 3 applications.

Mode of operation: Add PROFI FUEL MAX to the gas in the fuel tank. It starts cleaning the complete fuel system… fast and without having to take parts off. Mostly the problem will be solved after a minute or a few kilometers.

PROFI FUEL MAX can be also be used as a precautionary: Add appropriate amount to the last but one filling before storage.

Many workshops prepare their vehicles with PROFI FUEL MAX to avoid problems at the end of indefinite storage periods, eg. used bikes in showrooms.

Profi Fuel Max – can, 270ml


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