Cobra Powrflo Air Intake - Part #10101469

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The Powrflo™ Intake system consists of an aluminium cover and all the fasteners, seals, backing plate and mounting hardware to make for an easy installation
  • High-flow KN® air filter element ensures the best air intake and maximum protection for your engine
  • Formed stainless steel mesh insert in the dual entry ports keeps out bugs and debris
  • Unique internal venturi design promotes maximum airflow
  • Not legal for operation on public highways in the state of California.

  • Vendor #06-0267B

    Material : Aluminium| Stainless Steel
    Design : Venturi
    Product Name : Air Cleaner Kit
    Model : Powrflo
    Colour/Finish : Black
    Air Cleaner Shape : Round
    Base Colour : Black
    Units : Kit