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Motorcycle Storehouse Transmission Reverse Gear Kit for 14-16 Touring With Hydraulic Operated Clutch (Excl. Cvo And FLHR/C Models)

by MCS
SKU MCS961298




Chrome with black accents. With this kit it is easy to back-up your +400kg Touring. It is a mechanical system that uses engine power and the clutch, like a car, to roll backwards. The system is break-pin protected for accidentally shifting in reverse or similar. This safety break-pin can easily be replaced while on the road. The system is activated by moving a large lever on the handlebar, enabling you to roll backwards under power. Kit comes complete with everything that is required for a complete set-up. Note: For installation it is required to remove the transmission end cap, which must be replaced. The transmission does not need to be removed from the bike or otherwise opened. It is required to drill two holes at the end of the mainshaft. This is necessary for installation of the two mainshaft gear-pins, the system works on these two pins. No other permanent modification is required. Note: May not fit models equipped with non-stock exhaust, handlebars, handlebar master cylinder, clutch hose and secondary clutch actuator. Note: Advised special tools for installation 567358 (mainshaft gear tightening) and 567359 (ceneter hub tightening). Note: A replacement safety break-pin is available as 562727.

14-16 Touring with hydraulic operated clutch (excl. CVO and FLHR/C models)