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Joker Machine Speedo Side Mount Assembly W/ Swivel Clamp 39mm Aluminium Clear
Vendor Part # 10-301S

SKU 22100310
Joker Machine Speedo Side Mount Assembly W/ Swivel Clamp 39mm Aluminium Clear

Clamp Styles : Swivel Clamp version clamps directly to your fork tube. Lowering of fork legs is not required. 39mm Bracket Solid Clamp version is the cleanest looking version. Must lift bike off the ground and lower forks legs.

FEATURES: Fits 2014 Sportsters with CAN bus wiring. Sportster Custom and Forty-Eight models require the Harley-Davidson speedo back plate and cushioning (HD 67320-95 &; 67104- 95). All parts are fully CNC machined from solid bar - not cast - for optimum quality. Available in your choice of Hard Black or clear anodized finishes. The whole assembly mounts to the left fork tube and is virtually adjustable in every direction, and clears the fuel tank easily. Outer housing enables you to retain 100% of all of your instrument lighting and is conveniently located around the right side of the speedo. LED indicator lights. Speedo wiring plug is retained without extending the harness and fully straight-forward wiring instructions for the indicator lights are provided. Visibility over the handlebars is greatly improved by removing your stock handlebar bracket mount, at the same time visibility to the speedo is excellent, placed down on the left of the tank and below the bars, a real racey look! Made in the USA

Note: Check Tank-To-Bracket Clearance Before Operating.


APPLICATION: Speedometer
DIAMETER: 90,5 mm (3-9/16")
FEATURES: With Indicator Lights
MATERIAL: Aluminium
TYPE: Gauge