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Cobra FI2000R Plug-In Fuel Processor #692-1601

by Cobra
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  • Three easily identifiable lights: green - Fi2000R is adding more fuel to the air/fuel ratio approx. 14:1; green and yellow lights - these lights will be on in unison when throttle is open more quickly and air/fuel mixture is approx. 12.5:1; red - light comes on and stays on as long as the Fi2000R follows the fuel curve while adjusting to approx. 12.8:1 air/fuel ratio, which is where the engine will produce its best full-throttle power
    Corrects lean air/fuel mixture problems; eliminates overheating, hesitation on acceleration or an uneven cruising rpm
    Think of third tuning pot as an electronic main jet while thinking of the entire Fi2000R as a digital jet kit
    Improves rideability by smoothing out the powerband and giving the bike more throttle response
    Proven Fi2000R comes with leads that snap directly into the bike's injector bodies
    Full range of fuel adjustment (0-10 settings) across all rpm ranges
    No fuel map adjustments or computer downloads required
    More advanced tuning for modified bikes
    Step-by-step instructions
    Waterproof circuit board

  • Oxygen Loop Control : Open Loop
    Product Name : Tuning Module
    Units : Each
    Programming : Pre-Programmed| Programmable
    Model : Fi2000R
    Base Colour : Gray| White
    Type : Air/Fuel Ratio| Standard
    Physical Connection : Plug-In (OEM Style Connectors)

  • Harley-Davidson VRSCA 1130 V-Rod - 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
    Harley-Davidson VRSCAW 1130 V-Rod - 2007
    Harley-Davidson VRSCB 1130 V-Rod - 2004, 2005