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BDL, Tf1000 Series 3-3/8" Top Fuel/Street Drive. Polished for 90-06 5-Sp Softail

by BDL
SKU MCS518684


BDL, TF1000 series 3-3/8" Top Fuel/Street Drive. Polished


This is an all billet and complete 3-3/8" (85mm) wide primary belt drive kit, including clutch. It uses the same 85mm wide belt with 14mm pitched tooth as used on 600+ horsepower top fuel Harley dragsters. The clutch consists of 9 6-3/8" diameter Aramid friction plates and 11 steels. Uses up to 9 clutch springs to adjust spring pressure to accommodate any size monster motor on the market. Come with an oil filter mount in the motor plate. 46-30 tooth drive ratio. Note: See 518686 for the replacement 85mm wide (3-3/8"), 85 tooth, 14mm pitch belt. Note: See 518685 for the simular drive with an additional outboard clutch support bearing set-up in the outer support plate.

90-06 5-sp Softail