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Battery Tender, International Plus - 1.25A Charger for Univ.

SKU MCS990042


Battery Tender, International Plus - 1.25A charger


EU wall plug. 4 bank charger 12V. Allows charging / maintaining 1 up to 4 batteries at once. Dimensions: 19.5cm wide x 9cm high x 17.5cm Deep.Microprocessor controlled, 100-240V compatible. Adapts to battery needs and offers fully automatic 4-stage charging program, initialization / bulk charge / absorption mode / float mode, as required. A red LED indicates a 'dead' battery or something else when the battery is unable to take the charge. A green LED blinks during the charging process, until the battery is at least 80% charged. A constant lighting green LED indicates the battery is ready for use. Charges all flooded, sealed, maintenance free, AGM and lead acid batteries. CE approved. Note: When using multi-bank chargers, with the batteries in the bikes, you can order 990048 quick-disconnect cable which offers 25 foot (7.5 meters) of convenience.