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Avon Mt Memory Foam Grips Medium Black Anodized for Various Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki , Triumph And Victory (Excl. Victory Octane, Vision, Cross Country Tour With Heated Grips And All Indian Motorcycles)

SKU MCS830037


Avon MT Memory Foam grips medium black anodized


Medium. Outside diameter is 1.50" (3.8cm), inside length is 5.5" (14cm). Soft foam grips with closed cell skin, very durable, very chemical resistant. The grips are finished off with 6061 billet aluminum end caps and collars.

Various Yamaha, Honda, Kwasaki, Suzuki , Triumph and Victory (excl. Victory Octain, Vision, Cross Country Tour with heated grips and all Indian Motorcycles)