1 x US Quart of Red Line Fully Synthetic V-Twin Shockproof Transmission Oil


1 x US Quart of Red Line Fully Synthetic V-Twin Transmission Oil with ShockProof®

A unique lubricant containing a suspension of solid microscopic particles as an extreme pressure agent--unique solid dispersion which cushions gear teeth to help prevent tooth breakage and allows the use of lower viscosities. The viscosity characteristics allow the lubricant to resist throwoff and provide a film thickness greater than an SAE 250 grade, with the same low fluid friction as with our 80W140. Offers a "best of both worlds" balance of relatively low drag and the utmost in protection.

    This product dampens transmission noise (reducing the notorious shifting clunk found in Harley-Davidson gearboxes), dramatically reduces temperature, provides thicker oil films between gear teeth and resists throw-off
    For all aftermarket versions like Baker, JIMS, S&S, etc.

    For all H-D® trans including with Evolution engines, Twin Cam engines, and latest 6-speed Cruise Drive

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