Kuryakyn Hi-Five Mach 2 Air Cleaner #9552

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  • Impress with it's beauty and stun with it's performance! The new and improved Mach 2™ is the best performing, best looking, and best fitting air cleaner on the market today. Not only can the Mach 2™ support well over 140hp, it's look can be customized and individualized to meet the needs of the most demanding riders with available themed medallions to mesh inserts and everything in between. Lead the pack and look good doing it! Includes lifetime Kuryakyn-designed K&N filter element, as well as one Kuryakyn and one Zombie™ centre cap for two stylish options to add the perfect finishing touch.
  • Customize the Mach 2 to suit your personal style by upgrading to any themed medallion, black or chrome spikes, or black mesh basket. Each Mach 2 air cleaner includes necessary hardware to make the conversion - simply pick your favourite design to build a unique one-of-a-kind custom.

  • Model : Mach 2™
    Colour/Finish : Black
    Base Colour : Black
    Product Name : Air Cleaner
    Units : Each